Yekta system of Iran’s Company with the objectives of surface upgrading and energy efficiency optimization in order to increase the efficiency of the facility sector has been active in The field is the new generation of air transfer channels, and to this end, introduces and presents this product. Pre-insulated channels utilizing the latest technology

The world’s best day for air transport (cooling and heating) and the best choice as an alternative to traditional and traditional galvanized goods, and today the pre-insulated channel. Polyurethane and phenolic, due to their unique advantages and characteristics, are used in most Gulf countries, European and American countries.

 In the following, all technical specifications and certifications received to rejoin the customer are provided. Although Yekta system company with the best quality, with favorable and suitable prices and after-sales services for 20 years in this

The field has been able to implement and implement large projects both globally (Gulf region) and at the national level

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کانال از پیش عایق

کانال از پیش عایق

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